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Imagine the thrill of seeing your name on the cover of your first book!!
Have you ever said, "I could write a book?"
For the first time in recorded history, everyone who wants to can write a book.

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Genesis One Designs Publishing

Opening the package with the copy of my first book, The Woman, The Red Dragon, and The End of the Age, was a thrill second only to holding my first and second newborn babies. I had invested eleven years into listening to God, being present when other information was revealed while searching for something entirely different, and agonizing over the organizing and writing process. When the time arrived, it was like a fairy tale come true. Since that first experience, I have learned a lot about writing and publishing, but no thrill amounts to the rush of that first book.

I have been writing most of my life in some form or fashion. Once I completed my Bachelor's degree, I was at a crossroads because the original intent for the degree was full-time ministry. Due to circumstances too complicated to explain here, I decided to reach for my doctorate in English thinking that publishers might actually pay more attention before they threw my manuscripts in the trash if I had a Ph.D. behind my name. That proved to be very wrong, but the good news about my degree program is that I actually learned how to write not only correctly but effectively. I went on to teach English, Humanities, and Religion at various colleges and universities.

Then I discovered "on demand" publishing. I spent a good bit of money getting my first book published by one of these "on demand" publishers before I found one that cost me nothing. I self-publish because I felt strongly that the revelations I was receiving were important. Let me hasten to say, self-publishing cost me nothing because I have a degree and experience in English, which is a necessary component to creating a book that is both correct, interesting, and inspirational but also formatted in an attractive way. Readers may not even open the book if it is not attractive or appealing. Note that gossip tabloids concentrate on getting you to pick up their magazines or Facebook posts have "trick" lead-ins. [As any writer should, I continue to work on my writing style as I become more experienced, but the formatting I have down pat.]

What I can do for you:

Now, let me tell you how I can make your dream of opening the package with your very own book come true. I will not delude you into thinking this process is easy because it is not. Getting the book into your Microsoft Word file is the first challenge and that must be preceded by having something to write.

So, how can I make that happen? First, I can be your ghost writer or your "as told to" person if you do not have the skills to put your ideas and thoughts into words.

Second, if you already have your manuscript ready to go between the covers but you need editorial help, I can do that for  you. I have a Ph.D. in English and more than 25 years' experience in writing and editing. In addition, I have written and edited over ten books that I wrote to date, so I know some of the pitfalls to editing.

Third, once your manuscript is edited, proofread, and ready to be wrapped in a cover, I can design that cover. There are many helps "out there" for this process, but as an artist, I have the sense of the design element and ways to pull it together. Most of my books have my own paintings to adorn them, but the possibilities are endless if you know where to find them.

Fourth, the way your book "LOOKS" begins with the cover design but it continues within the pages. Looking good and reading good may be very closely related. I've put down many books that I did not find aesthetically constructed or printed. If you look through your book collection, you will see that the choices for design inside the book are as numerous as the sand on the beach. Looking good is a first step but simplicity is thrown into the mix. I remember when word processors and the variety of font options made print on demand a beautiful project, but once I was a little better educated, I learned that less is better. Readability and accessibility to information take some hard work and experience. I can do that for you. I have been an artist since 1975 and that helps.

Finally, I can set up your account with the printer, including your ISBN number, so that after I have paved the way with your first book, you have total control of orders and marketing for your book. You maintain copyrights. Your publishing future becomes a turn-key operation that is yours to do with as you wish. I work tirelessly with you all along the way to get your input on cover design and the ways in which you want the pages formatted.

My work is guaranteed and my fee schedule is competitive with "on demand" publishers. I bring many years experience in both writing and publishing. Please write to me for more information about fees and how you can become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

For the first time in recorded history,

everyone who wants to can write and publish a book.

However, I do not use chatDPT at all!