Whimsical Wisteria

Watercolor on paper, 28" x 40"

Happy Little Orchids

Oil on Board, 8" x 8"

My Sacred Space

Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20""

Clark Island: Dedicated to JoAnne Clark

Acrylics/Oil on canvas, 24" x 48"

Collection Mr. Dennis Clark

Back in the Day

Watercolor, 16" x 20"

Available in a Print only

Creek, Northpoint, PA (Fall 2019)

Pastels on paper, 18" x 24"

Iris Standing Tall,

Oil on canvas 12" x36"

The First Hibiscus of Spring

Oil on Canvas, 5" x 7"

Monet's Place 

Oil on canvas, 5" x 7" 

My Miniature Series

Original SOLD


Acrylics on board, 8" x 28.5"

Collection Mr. & Mrs. Sam Raley

Louise and Ed Surveying the Farm

Watercolor on paper, 18" x 24" Collection Mrs. Louise Thomas

Magnificent Magnolia

Acrylics, 24" x 36"

Available in a Print only

Linda's Poppy Garden

Oil on canvas 15 x 30.

Collection Ms. Linda M. Austin.  


Stairway to the Light

Oil on Canvas, 9" x 12"

Collection Ms. Glaconia Culpepper

Oktoberfest circa 1984

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36"

Collection the Artist

The Gallery Plant

Mixed Media, 24" x 36"

Collection Ms. Kathleen Thompson

Daddy's Shack

Oil on Canvas  11" x 14"

Collection Mrs. Mary Bradshaw

Flowerful Play

Watercolor  9" x 12"

Rocky Stream Haven

Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Flowers with an Attitude 

Watercolor  11" x 14"

Collection Ms. Karen Humphrey-Mundell

Purple Overpass

Watercolor, 9" x 12"

Beautifully Skewed Cross

Watercolor/Acrylics on paper, 8.5" x 11.5"

YouTube Video Series "My Quarantine Challenges" Pt. 1 on my channel.

NOTICE: My youtube videos have been pirated, so if you wish to contact or comment to me, please do so through my email. For information about commissions or purchase, contact me at dellbelew@gmail.com. I will download them directly to your email.

All paintings are available as prints in your favorite size and format (that is, paper or canvas) through my email. All paintings are also available as greeting cards for $10 each plus postage. Calendars featuring at least 13 of my paintings are on sale now. Order soon for the 2023 calendar and you can have your choice of the paintings that will appear on the calendar.

 My artwork is available for sale as prints on paper or canvas with options for framing in custom sizes. Prices can be determined roughly by multiplying the width by the height to multiply times $1. Sizes can be adjusted to suit your needs. Prices do not cover certain other factors such as frames. Shipping will be decided based a number of factors. (Note, sizes under the paintings refer to those particular paintings only.) Paintings as prints can be almost any size you want.Thank you coming to visit.

Original Paintings

and VideoTutorials/Demonstrations

Beach on my Mind

Oil on Canvas,

Painting Completed on my YouTube channel.

(Do not respond on YouTube as my channel has been pirated! Write to my email.)

Study in Green 

Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Voted "Best in Show" 2019

Collection Ms. Beverly Faircloth.

Overpass in France

Acrylics on board, 16" x 20"

Self-Portrait in Oils

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Marsha's Tybee

Reference photo Marsha Marks by permission.

Oil on Board, 9" x 12"

The Gazebo Savannah

Oil on Canvas,  24" x 30"


Red Bridge at Magnolia Plantation

Oil on Canvas, 5" x 7"

My Miniature Series

Skidaway Getaway

Pastels, 16" x 20" Collection Mr. Gregory Belew

Iris Showcase

Watercolor, 14" x 20"

Harvest Festival, PA

Oil on Board, 8" x 12"

Jessica: Those Were The Days

Oil on canvas, 30" x 40"

Edisto Sunset II   

Oil on canvas, 10" x 20"

The Foundling

Watercolor,  12" x 16"

My Birthday Arrangement

Watercolor  6" x 9"

Ambling with a Friend

Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"

Moonlight in the Smokeys

Oil on Paper,  11" x 14"

Carolyn's Poppy

Watercolor  11" x 14"

Collection Ms. Carolyn Royal

Cypress Gardens, SC

Oil on Canvas,  5" x 7"

Daylily on Display

Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40""

Poppies at Attention  

Oil on canvas, 10" x 20"

Zebulon Train Depot, Pike County

Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

PA Orchid

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Great Smokeys Sunrise 2017

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Living Waters North Carolina

Oil on Canvas, 10" x 20"

Bathed in Light.

Oil on Board  9" x 12"

Beaches in my Mind

Oil on Paper, 16" x 20"

Birthday Bouquet

Mixed Media, 24" x 30"

Collection the Artist

Midnight Snack

Oil on Canvas  18" x 36"

Through the Woods

Oil on Canvas, 36" x 48"

Collection the Artist

Prints are available

Playful Flowers 

Watercolor,  12" x 14"

The Garden Wall

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Collection, Mrs. Holly Belew

Mill de Fourges, France

Watercolor  8" x 10"

Aftermath, Summer 2020

Acrylic on canvas 16" x 20"

Fuchsia Iris

 Watercolor, 12" x 15"

Gatlinburg Fallen Tree

Mixed Media  16" x 20"

Caladium Teardrops


Suzie's Birthday Bouquet 

Mixed Media on paper, 18" x 24"

Crooked Path

Watercolor, 6" x 9"

A Sketch of Jessica Belew playing the piano and singing "Jee us La Me".at 2 years old.

A pencil/watercolor sketch.


Strasbourg, France--Year 2000

0il on Canvas  30" x 40"

Collection Ms. Glaconia Culpepper

Michael's Flower 

(Painted from a photo by Michael Drake with permission)

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 30"

Gifted to Higher Ground Baptist Church

Spring in the South

Oil on Canvas    32" x 40"

Collection Sam & Jessica Belew

Forrest Lawn Cemetery Oak

Watercolor  9" x 12"

Collection  Ms. Judy Connor Landis

Twilight at Tybee

Oil on Canvas, 12" x 24"


Palette Knife, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36"


Edisto Sunrise

Oil on canvas, 24" x 48"

Monet's Place Doodled

Mixed Media (Watercolor/Pen & Ink) , 6" x 9"

From My Miniature Doodle Series

Jim's Wall

Mixed media on Canvas, 30" x 40"

Beautifully Primitive Jungle

Acrylics on canvas, 24" x 48" Collection Mr. & Mrs. Eric Davis

Cook Forest, PA:

Part of my "Pennsylvania Roots" series

Charcoal on paper, 18" x 24" unframed

Glorious Hibiscus

Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Great Smokeys Haven

Mixed Media  11" x 14"

Saved Floral

Mixed Media,  11" x 14"

Alex's Waterfall

Watercolor and Pen on paper, 8" x 10"

Monet's Lily Pond
Oil on canvas, 22" x 28"

My Philadelphia Street Home

Charcoal Drawing 11" x 14"

I work on commission for portraits of homes in all media.

Contact me at my email: dellbelew@gmail.com.

Bubble Abstract

Watercolor,  6" x 9"

The Foundling II

Mixed Media  12" x 16".

Randy's Ducks

Oil on canvas, 16" x 20"

Photo Reference Randy Tucker

Collection Mr. and Mrs. Rex Beasley

Self-Portrait:  For My Years as Hairdresser, Artist, Writer, and Minister

Mixed Media, 36" x 40" (Artwork no longer exists but the saga continues.)

Book Cover: Prayer Gardening

Mixed Media on paper 48" x 72"

Tracking Tybee

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36"

Sweet Magnolia(painted from Sandie Simon's photo by permission)

Oil on canvas  16" x 20".

Margaret's Flowers

Palette Knife,

Oil on canvas, 11" x 14"

Monet's Place II

Oil on canvas, "16" x 20"

YouTube Demonstration video on my channel

The Path

Oil on Canvas,

Painting Completed on my YouTube channel.

(Do not respond on YouTube as my channel has been pirated! Write to my email.) dellbelew@gmail.com

Cook Forest, PA (Refurbished with Pastels, 2020)

Pastels on paper, 18" x 24"

Collection Ms. Madison Major and Mr. Jack Follansbee

Holding Back the River 

Mixed Water Media,  12" x 24"

Collection Ms. Barbara Adams

What Lurks Beyond?

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"" x 48"

Skidaway Getaway

Watercolor  6" x 9"

Collection Mr./Mrs. Greg Belew

The Yellow Bird

Pastels, 20" x 28" (Framed w/glass 40" x 48")

Photo reference Randy Tucker by permission.

Highway 101 Barn Alabama

Watercolor,  18" x 24"

Collection Ms. Darlene

The Charming Hibiscus

Mixed Media  9" x 12"

Collection Mr. Melvin (Butch) Lamb

Quarantine Playtime

Mixed Media on paper, 10" x 20"