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Genesis One Designs Services: 

G.O.D. is a full-service creative enterprise offering creative solutions to every imaginable problem for home, business, and life. If I can't do it, I will know someone who can. If you can't imagine it, let me do it for you!

Art, Publishing, Lectures, Workshops, Classes, Retreats, Ministry 

The work I produce is always in progress and the learning curve is in the process. My work covers a broad spectrum of subjects, styles, and genres. As an artist, writer, professor of literature and creative writing, and public speaker, I passionately pursue opportunities to impart my knowledge and experience. The greatest spiritual markers in my life have involved travel abroad to England and France, but my ongoing quest is to keep expressing what is within me until I find satisfaction. However, I am like Dr. Faust when I say that I don`t ever want to be satisfied because when that happens, I will not have a reason to exist. I call it Divine Dissatisfaction.
Below is a list of Lecture and Class Topics I have done in the past:
“A Playful Journey to Self-Discovery (and Wellness)” [Mandala Class]
“The Weight Loss Program for People who Hate Diet Food”
“The Livet: Self-Esteem Workshop”
“Creative Writing Inspired from Visual Art”

"Creativity in the Second Half of Life"
“Women and Their Creators: Women in Literature Series”
“Creative Living through the Arts”
“Art as the Language of the Soul”
“Talking in Circles” (Creativity Workshop)
“Justifying the Ways of Women to Man in Paradise Lost”
“Traveling Light in Times of Darkness” (depression recovery)
“Unscrambling Eggs” (divorce recovery)
“God's Second Wind” (Creativity & Lifestyle in the second half of life)
“Writing in Your Right Mind”
“Making Art that Lives”
“The Visual Poets”
“The Fine Art of Dream Interpretations”
“Something Beautiful” (women`s retreat)
“The Redemptive Imagination”
“Love is a Many Splintered Thing”
“The Fine Art of Worship” (prophetic arts in church)
“The Real First Woman” (from my book The Woman. . ..)

                    --Most of the above have accompanying books. [See the Bookstore page.]

                    --Most any topic from literature and the Bible is available for workshops, lectures, or seminars.
Services and Specialties
Commissions are welcome for everything from addresses on envelopes in calligraphy to wall murals and hand-painted business signs. I work in almost all media including watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, pencil, clay, stain glass paint, and textile paint. I specialize in creative problem solving and have attacked numerous difficult projects that stretched my creativity almost beyond my limits, including 2,000 sq. ft. of clouds and approximately 18' x 24' stretched canvas for a backdrop that required working on a scaffold

My styles range from photo realism to abstract expressionism. Flowers are my favorite subjects, especially in a “Georgia O`keefe” [style] organic composition. Photography is my favorite medium of expression for beauty, spontaneity, and serendipity. Please see a more complete portfolio at
I also write occasional poetry and belles letters (beautiful letters). If you have something to convey that you do not have words to say, let me say them for you! That includes everything from love letters to business letters.

Creative Writing Classes and a shared website page:

I teach a creative writing class each week locally in which I provide participants with prompts and an opportunity to share what they write from week to week. I offer participants a place to post their works online. I can help small groups organize a weekly interest group for sharing. No experience is necessary and no grading or evaluating is available.

Tutoring, Editing, and Proofreading Services:
I am available for tutoring in writing, English, reading, and guidance in some aspects of the GED. I lead lunch and learn workshops for business offices to improve professional communication skills. I do not use chatDPT at all.


My most recent service offering is publishing books from word files to between-the-cover finishes. I can also set up an account for clients that allows them to have complete control of the book after my services are completed. Services are available for one or more of the fine art of book publishing services beginning with editing, proofreading, and finishing with book cover design and formatting the interior space. Fee schedules are competitive and are available upon request.


Biblical Ministry and Counseling
Although I work in secular and spiritual areas, my best work is centered on the ministry to the Body of Christ. I am ordained  by The Missionary Church International and licensed to perform weddings, baptisms, Holy Communion to shut-ins, counseling, funerals, and other pastoral duties.
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